Do you want to digitalise without losing the human touch?

You digitalise to help your customers better and faster. And your customers want access to digital tools. So that they can help themselves - where and especially when it suits them best. Without having to wait.
And in the meantime, you save time that can be spent on other things.
But if you digitalise your current processes, it is bound to go wrong.

Your developers make pragmatic choices when translating a manual to a digital flow. And those decisions are not always in the best interests of your customer, e.g. having a customer fill in information he knows you already have.

In the manual process, you had an employee to catch imperfections. For example, by explaining jargon the customer did not understand. Or reassuring the customer when choices had to be made: what are the consequences of each choice in the flow? That employee is no longer there. Which causes the customer to make wrong choices.

The corrections you have to make afterwards are usually much less efficient than the original manual process. Because you have developed an efficient way to produce ... aggravation. And that is probably not your intention.

Sometimes a human being simply wants to speak to another human being. Then you don't want him to get lost in a web of chatbots, FAQs and webforms. 

That, in fact, gives rise to great frustration. And a stain on your reputation.

Onestone redesigns your processes so that they are customer-oriented and easy to digitalise. We determine how to offer peace of mind within the digital process. If human intervention is needed, we determine exactly how. And we guide your developers to make choices that are efficient and customer-oriented.

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