Are your customers complaining about accessibility?

Issues with availability, excessively long response times? Customers snap at it. And they create more work. They call back with the same question and use different channels at the same time. They put even more pressure on your employees and demand a fixed contact person. Or they escalate their question to a complaint...

We encounter it frequently. And it is solvable. Usually even without increasing capacity or workload.

How? We redesign your processes, fine-tune your omnichannel strategy (temporarily) and avoid the need for customers to call or call back. This is how Onestone responds to your customers' underlying, human needs: peace of mind and trust.

The effect on turnaround times, efficiency gains and customer satisfaction? Surprisingly fast and spectacular. This is proven time and again by our experiments in various environments.

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SD Worx

Dealing with annoyances before they become complaints

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What clients say about us

I choose Onestone because of the amazing results they achieve. Their scientific insights lead to vision in customer behavior and they clearly demonstrate how customer satisfaction and efficiency go hand-in-hand.”

Jan Smets
Director Retail and Customer Care - bpost