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How to score with digital damage claim

Policyholders rather not communicate with their insurance company. And if they do, they prefer doing it digitally. At any moment of the day or night. But they also want to be treated as a human being. A catch-22? Not for Cardif. At least, not anymore.

We have developed a new way of following up on damage claims that is both digital and personal.

The challenge

It’s not about procedures, it’s about helping people

This is how Cecilia Boned, CEO of Cardif Spain, puts it: “Clients come to us for help. But what we give them, is a procedure. Just like every other insurer does. And that needs to change. For the better.”

Filing a damage claim is mostly a bureaucratic matter: filling in statements, collecting the right documentation and requesting certificates. And all this while the client is still dealing with his emotional downfall of what just happened to him, like an accident that left him bedridden.

Cardif wanted a way of handling claims without any kind of friction: efficient, fast and personal.

“It's spectacular to see how the project transformed the organisation: people feel they are the cornerstone in our customers' satisfaction”

Cecilia Boned
CEO Cardif Spain

Complaints went from 9% to 1%

Our approach

First the customer experience, then the technology.

“Which experience do we want to give our clients?”. That was the first question that needed to be dealt with. Aside from the restrictions that technology imposes. Every spectacular result starts with a clear vision.  

Fuck bureaucracy

We don’t bother our clients with information we can find for ourselves. And if we should need information from a client anyhow, then we make it as easy for him as possible. And that is where technology comes in.

The fake bot

How does a client deal with the digital interface? And when does it make sense for an actual person to intervene?

In order to spend the budget for digital development efficiently, first we pretended. With real clients, and real damage claims. Clients thought they were communicating with a machine, but there was an actual Cardif employee sitting at the keyboard. It was impressive how much we learned from that!

The result

81% extremely satisfied customers

81% of the clients reported being ‘extremely satisfied’ with the new way Cardif dealt with damage claims. Even clients who filed a claim, who turned out not having a policy that covered the damage, were satisfied. Even though they didn’t receive any kind of compensation.

Digital gets human

The chatbot behaves like the claims handler’s digital assistant. So the client always has somewhere to turn to. And the claims handler? He now has more time to invest in the interactions he can best contribute to as an actual person.

Claims handled within 24 hours thanks to artificial intelligence

We use artificial intelligence to give clients a definitive answer immediately. And it’s perceived as a sign that we are to be trusted. No nonsense.

The Net Promoter Score went from 36 to 77

Effect on the organisation

The mindset within the organisation has undergone a thorough evolution. That is all down to the claims handlers who pulled together to create this new working method. They are the greatest ambassadors of change.

The new way of working is a source of inspiration for colleagues in other countries. From all corners of the world they come and learn from how Cardif Spain accomplished such an amazing change.  

“It was fantastic for our claims handlers to be able to build a better solution for our clients themselves."
- a staff member at Cardif Spain