We build customer
oriented organisations

Onestone guarantees impact with regards to reputation, sales, efficiency and loyalty. We integrate people, processes and technology in innovative customer service.

Get the best out of your clients and collaborators

Our expertise

Customer Experience Design

customer satisfaction - design thinking - customer experience strategy - net promoter system (NPS) -  customer loyalty - product & service design - operational excellence - customer journey design - customer retention

Psychological Engineering

customer remembrance - behavioural economics - well-being - word of mouth - organizational change - intrinsic motivation - employee productivity & engagement - culture change - change management - experience engineering

Digital Transformation

digital strategy - rapid prototyping & testing -  technological innovation - customer journey optimization - lean - customer data intelligence - customer experience innovation - digital & human interfacing

Challenges that make us enthusiastic

A selection

You have a strategy, but your organisation hasn’t completely latched on yet

Your strategy? Crystal clear. But your organisation has trouble putting the memo into practice which results in your clients not fully experiencing what you have in mind yet.

Create focus in your organisation

Your price is at stake

The commodity trap lurks around the corner. The competition gnaws away at the margin. But you don’t want a declining EBIT in your annual report. You want to give your clients reason to choose for you other than your price.

You don’t have to be the cheapest

You want to go digital, but in a cost-effective way

Digital self-service and artificial intelligence increase your efficiency. But how do you make sure that it leaves a lasting impression on your clients?

Start with the customer experience

Your clients aren’t as satisfied as you would want them to be

Customer experience projects often get stuck in a dead-end street. Initially there is always a lot of enthusiasm, but then reality sinks in. And the clients just don’t ‘feel’ it. The return on investment? Nada.

Get more out of your CX projects

You want to be the number one in your market

Those who really stand out in customer orientation offer their clients an experience that is both consistent and exceptional. Not an easy thing to do if you’re running a large organisation that provides a wide variety of services.

Build yourself an ironclad reputation

Your organisation is not really customer oriented yet

You have a vision for the future that is customer oriented. But old habits persist. You want to steer your organisational culture in a very specific direction.

Use your customers to create that change