Ready to join
the stones?

Passionate about customer strategy? Do you have experience with specific projects? Or were you born to create experiences that will have everyone talking? Then we are very curious about you.

Onestone is looking for a customer strategy expert. Or someone who would really like to become one.

5 to 10 years of working experience? And passionate about Customer Experience? Then keep on reading!


We help companies that are stuck in a commodity trap whereby customers only focus on the price. The margins succumb under pressure and there can only be one that offers the lowest price. What should they do about this? Differentiate themselves based on their service! And that is precisely what we are experts at. 

And you are?

A strategist that can’t wait to roll up those sleeves. 
Or a born coach with amazing strategic insight.  

You help highly competent collaborators of well-known organisations.
You guide strategic thinking exercises, pull up your sleeves and jump both feet in the field to make the strategy tangible. Whether you’re addressing the board of directors or coaching the operational team, you take to the challenge as a duck to water. 

A creative analyst. 
Or an analytical creative. That works too. 

You go from one complex environment to the next.
Each of our clients is unique, has a unique context, culture and history. Being able to quickly acquire insight is an absolute must.

You are also creative.
You obtain spectacular results by thinking beyond the conventional. You are a barrel full of new ideas, that you are also highly critical about. 

You easily adapt. 
Looking for routine? Then read no further.

Every assignment is different.
There is a very wide range of diversity among our clients and each company we work for has its own identity. This means that we never do the same thing twice. 

Our way of working constantly evolves too. At least 20% of our time goes to developing new knowledge and methods. 

Our Gatehouse in Dilbeek is an inspiring place where we regularly work together, but we spend a lot of time on the field with our clients in Antwerp, Paris, Ghent, Brussels, Luxemburg, Hasselt and Madrid.  

You strive for perfection. 
Our clients are demanding. And rightfully so. So are we. In everything we do we aim for perfection. Fuck mediocrity. 

Our team is trained to give constructive criticism. And that is what we do consistently. And continuously.

And the icing on the cake

  • at Onestone you don’t just work in a small company, you’re a full-blown part of it
  • you use 20% of your time to develop new knowledge
  • and you even get to choose the field you want to invest in
  • there’s the possibility of becoming a shareholder
  • and there’s a fabulous team of five amazing colleagues that comes with the job

And you also get paid for it. All the trimmings included.

Still reading?

Do you have exactly what Onestone is looking for? Can’t wait to join our team? Do you have a masters’ degree and do you speak Dutch, French and English? Then we need to talk.