Ready to join
the stones?

Passionate about customer strategy? Do you have experience with specific projects? Or were you born to create experiences that will have everyone talking? Then we are very curious about you.

Onestone is looking for a customer strategy expert.

3 years of working experience in consultancy? And passionate about Customer Experience? Then keep on reading!


We help companies that are stuck in the 'commodity trap'. In that situation, customers only focus on the price. The margins succumb under pressure and there can only be one offering the lowest price. So what should the rest do? Differentiate themselves through their service! And that is exactly what we are experts at.

And you are looking for?

A job where you really have an impact

You help our customers pinpoint on what exactly they want their customers to say about them. An indispensable strategic part of our job. But it doesn't stop there. You also get your hands dirty. You will work with the employees and ensure that the strategy becomes reality. Step by step you see - and measure - that customers feel the difference. And you feel that employees are getting enthusiastic. 

A context in which you let creativity flow

Every assignment is different. Our customers are companies from the most diverse sectors and each have their own identity. That means we never do the same thing twice. We want our customers to stand out through their unique, customer-centric approach.

On the other hand, you and your team will encounter obstacles with the customer. Obstacles begging for a creative solution. Because that is often the key to spectacular results.

A unique and diverse working environment

Our Gatehouse in Groot-Bijgaarden is an inspiring place where we regularly work together. But we spend a lot of time with our customers. And they are pretty much everywhere. Antwerp, Paris, Ghent, Brussels, Luxembourg, Hasselt, Madrid.

The ability to learn constantly

Onestone is an environment where you constantly learn. You will supervise highly skilled employees of often reputable organizations. So it is necessary that you understand their context, culture and history well in a short time. Gaining insights quickly is an absolute must.

We also continuously adjust our own way of working. We are constantly investing in new knowledge and insights.

An environment that values quality

Quickly recycle a powerpoint from the previous customer and adjust the logos? That’s not us. We deliver robust output of high quality. Presentations yes, but also the best written documents.

Our customers are demanding. And rightly so. We are too.

With us you will find a team trained to give constructive criticism. And we do that continuously. Ready to get that feedback? And to give us feedback?

What do we need from you?

  • You have a passion for Customer Experience, you're not necessarily already an expert. But a convincing will to become one.
  • You can extract the essence from a large volume of information and summarize this in a comprehensible and simple way. And tell the story in an appealing way.
  • You like to write: are your texts already reading like a train? Or do you get warm from the idea that this will soon be the case?
  • You have a great deal of 'street smarts'. You quickly come up with creative solutions and always look for making things simple where (made) complex.
  • You set your teeth into something and do not let go. You actively seek help where necessary. A setback does not take you off track and you dare to defend a point. And to keep defending it.
  • You are eternally curious and always open up to different perspectives. However, you do know how to ultimately steer a team to the right customer-oriented solution.
  • You connect quickly and easily when you get to know new people.
  • You know how to combine 2 extremes: drive and enthusiasm with a lot of patience.
  • You have a master's degree and at least 3 years of experience in a consultancy environment. Or in another environment that you believe helped you develop above competencies. Convince us!

And the icing on the cake

  • At Onestone you will be surrounded by thé CX experts who are happy to share their knowledge with you
  • No micro management, you get advice and guidance according to your needs
  • You choose in which matter(s) you want to invest time to keep up
  • We throw in a team of 7 fantastic colleagues, for free

And you also get paid for it. All the trimmings included.

Still reading?

Besides a big portion of enthusiasm, do you also have the necessary language skills? Perfect Dutch or French and English? The we need to talk!