BNP Paribas Fortis
The Bank for Entrepreneurs

Growing by being a step ahead of the competition

Prices are under pressure. Clients don’t see the difference between the big banks anymore. But BNP Paribas Fortis wants to expand its growth in the market of entrepreneurs. By making entrepreneurs more aware of their unique assets. We developed an approach that enables being one huge step ahead of the competition.

The challenge

Focus on customer experience to realise growth

What is the customer’s experience of how he is treated by the account manager of a big bank? As a mailman who passes on messages from the client to the head office and vice versa. And yet, somehow, clients claim to be generally satisfied with the person who deals with their account. But they’re equally satisfied about the competition’s account manager. That’s why clients increasingly play off big banks with regards to pricing.

BNP Paribas Fortis wants to be the obvious choice as the bank that understands its clients and offers sensible expertise. How do we make sure entrepreneurs are prepared to pay the right price for this?

"Starting from the client and under Onestone's expert guidance, we made innovative choices. Now we successfully put this vision into practice."

Bart Ballon
Director of the Bank for Entrepreneurs

67% of the clients give a 9 or even a 10/10 when asked about how satisfied they are

Our approach

An aligned vision regarding the desired customer experience

Providing a customer experience that really makes the difference? An account manager simply can’t do this by himself.  The clients’ experiences are also inextricably connected to the decisions made in the head office. That is why we involved all the relevant services in the thinking exercise.

With the focus on considerably higher customer satisfaction, we developed a new way of working (together). But with conservation of all checks & balances, so without increasing the risk for the bank.

Delivering proof that the new customer vision works

With a small team of account managers, analysts and decision makers we developed a well-oiled process with contact moments that had a very reassuring effect on our clients. They also spontaneous thanked us for this.  

The result

Surprisingly good customer experience leads to growth

In the Bank for Entrepreneurs’ Centre, where the experiment took place, 67% of the clients gave excellent satisfaction scores.

And we reached a transactional Net Promoter Score of 41.

My clients react surprisingly enthusiastically. I feel the relationship of trust grow. That is the best part of my job!’
- Sven Volders, corporate advisor

“I am fully convinced. We bring in deals that we would not have been able to make before."

Elke Ferong
Director The Bank for Entrepreneurs Mechelen

Effect on the organisation

The renewed collaboration between the internal services? The collaborators are extremely enthusiastic about it.

Account managers say they can now fully carry out their role as advisors.

And the members of the internal services? They are able to be a lot more precise about how they use their credit expertise.