Why we buy – The Science of Shopping – Paco Underhill


What’s the big idea?

“More than 60% of what clients buy was initially not on their list.” However interesting and useful the actual product is, that alone is not enough of a reason to put it on the market.

For decades Paco Underhill has been researching what drives consumers to purchase. In his research he observes how clients behave in different situations and retail environments. Based on years of acquired data he demonstrates how that extra bit of attention towards the perspective of the client has a huge impact of sales.

Why should you read it?

Because it offers a tremendous amount of insight in how customers behave and manoeuvre in a retail environment, in what attracts them and scares them off. It also shows you what they do and don’t see or read, and how all of this influences their appetite for purchasing. By means of ample practical examples the author shows how retailers and marketeers can boost their sales figures.

If you’re active as a retailer, marketeer or product developer, or if you are currently involved in evaluating your distribution, office of shop concept, then this book is a must. It offers very precise tips that were elaborately tested by real clients. This book is also sure to put the occasional smile on your face, as it illustrates how simple the difference between a success and a flop can be!

Written by Stéphanie ‘t Felt Customer Strategy Expert @ Onestone