Stéphanie 't Felt

Customer Strategy Expert

communication strategy - behavioural economics - change management - intrinsic motivation - service innovation - customer experience design

What really fascinates me? The human psyche. What moves us? Why do we do what we do? Understanding behavioural changes and steering them, that gives me energy.

You want your teams to go far and beyond. Because only top box satisfaction scores will get you the return on your client relations. I challenge your collaborators and make sure they set the bar high. And I’ll gladly help them if they somehow get stuck.

I create clarity. With well thought-through communication you can get all your collaborators on the same wavelength and create results that exceed their expectations.

I really enjoy traveling and learning. I also love connecting dots as it’s in my nature to thrive on new insights.

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“If no prospect can describe your position, you don’t have one.”

Harry Beckwith