The Customer Survival Kit – Richard S. Gallagher


What is the big idea? 

Just about everything we do to appease a customer who is either not satisfied or downright angry, tends to have the adverse effect. This is because from a primal point of view we are hardwired to either defend ourselves or run. Gallagher explains why even the best of intentions when dealing with a complaint can aggravate a situation or even potentially damage an organization. The scenarios that he describes are painfully recognizable!

With recent insights drawn from behavioral science (used by crisis advisors and negotiators in hostage situations), Gallagher elaborates on concrete techniques to settle a complaint without shooting oneself in the foot. A key issue is the ability to not strip the client of his sense of self-value, regardless of the perhaps unreasonable nature of his dissatisfaction.

Why should you read it?

Even though Gallagher directly addresses front-line collaborators and their direct managers with his concrete and pragmatic techniques, it is of crucial importance that leaders understand why interactions so often and so radically miss their objective with a dissatisfied customer.

Every front-line collaborator should understand and apply the contents of this book, just as every team coach should at all times make sure the techniques are consistently maintained.

Leaders who succeed in integrating the insights from this book in daily practice, have a remarkably powerful weapon to drastically diminish customer churn.

Written by Horst Remes Customer Strategy Expert @ Onestone