Online workshop
Customer Journey mapping

Stand in the shoes of your clients. The customer journey provides you with a powerful tool to analyze your customers' experience. But how exactly do you use it? How do you apply it in a way that draws the most relevant conclusions? And how to achieve tangible and consistent improvement?


Get out of the lockdown as a stronger organization. Take the time to recreate your customer experience. With this initiative we contribute to the recovery after this Corona crisis.

The participants of the previous editions gave this workshop an average score of 8.7 out of 10!


4 x 4! 4 sessions of one hour and a half each, 4 days on a row. That's how our workshop works.

You will learn in a very interactive way how to make customer journeys, and how to use them to become more customer-oriented in both an effective and an efficient way.


This workshop is designed for executives or managers who want to make their own organisation more customer-oriented.

For consultants and suppliers of IT services, this workshop is exceptionally accessible for the price of 500 euro excluding VAT.



  • How do you align with your organization's mission and strategy?
  • How do you analyse your customers' needs?
  • How can you identify key moments?
  • Who should you involve when creating customer journeys?
  • How do you create customer journeys?
  • What level of detail do you need and how can you determine this level of detail?
  • On which areas should you focus for improvement?
  • How can you use customer journeys to design a new customer experience?



  • 4 sessions of one hour and a half each, on 4 consecutive days. From 10h30 till 12h.
  • Maximum 9 participants. First come, first served. We closely monitor the number of participants to ensure the right balance between gaining insights and applying them in an interactive setting.
  • As soon as you are enrolled, you will receive a package with the necessary material to follow the training.
  • What do you need? A quiet room and access to Zoom.
  • Trainers: Stéphanie 't Felt & Horst Remes.

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