Switch. How to change things when change is hard. – Chip & Dan Heath

What is the big idea?

How to install long lasting change? That’s the question brothers Chip and Dan Heath answer in this book. Change is hard, we all know that. But why is that we give up so soon?

The most important reason according to the authors is that we have two parts in us – a rational and an emotional side. Both our emotional side (what the authors call the ‘elephant’) as the rational side (the ‘rider’) attempt to get control. We like to think the ‘rider’ is always in control but more often than not, it’s the other way around. Think of all the times you planned to workout but never got out of the couch.

The book explains how to get to long lasting change. Learn to direct the ‘rider’, guide the ‘elephant’ and clear the path, at the same time.

Why should you read it?

With a variety of case studies, research and examples, the authors have written a book that’s very pleasant to read. They offer you simple to use methods to tackle change at all levels.

We use the tips and methods in this book. We see that this book works by stimulating us to think beyond the rational side. We often think that by informing our employees well, the change has begun. In this book you learn not only to effectively address the rider but also the elephant. A strong will to lose a few pounds is not going to get you very far if the elephant really really wants chocolate.

In any change we encounter them: the ‘change resistant’ people. This book teaches us that what we consider a ‘people problem’ is often a ‘situation problem’. And by adapting the context, spectacular results are possible. The authors offer you the insight to detect the difference between the two.

A must read for any (change) leader!

Written by Stéphanie ‘t Felt Customer Strategy Expert @ Onestone