Sigrid Tierens

Operational excellence – customer experience design – customer excellence coaching & training – change management – operational implementation

Do you want to turn your customers into real fans? Let’s raise the bar together and design a new way of working! I make sure your strategy gets implemented and the new approach is operationally realistic. As a coach, I guide you and your teams to make that customer experience a reality. To excel in every customer contact.

Allowing people to grow in their jobs by focusing on their strengths. That is what gives me energy. I like to convince and inspire others with pure enthusiasm and a creative approach. This is how I get your people to embrace change and go for it together. 

Workshops, training and coaching sessions are my playground. I prefer to coach your teams in the heat of operations, on the job, to achieve spectacular results. 

I enjoy good food and the beauty of nature, be it traveling or close to home.

“We rise by lifting others.” 

Robert Ingersoll