Good Strategy Bad Strategy: The Difference and Why It Matters. – Richard P. Rumelt

good strategy bad strategy

Why should you read it? 

Another book about strategy? Well, it is and remains a hot topic in organizations. Everyone talks about it. Yet, very few succeed in formulating a good strategy. Let alone implement it successfully.

With this book you learn to distinguish a good from a bad strategy. And to avoid the pitfalls. Rumelt makes you think. And that is necessary when working on strategy.

What is the central idea?

“Strategy is too often confused with financial targeting and is typically wrapped up in roaring fluffy words. It is therefore not surprising that the results are not forthcoming,” dixit Richard P. Rumelt.

In essence, a good strategy comes down to a feasible plan to overcome a critical challenge.

With a coherent action plan, you get channelled energy to reinforce the chosen direction.

A good strategy requires courageous choices. With consensus and compromises, and without hurting egos or interests, you can’t possibly get there.

Written by Stéphanie ‘t Felt Customer Strategy Expert @ Onestone