Give your collaborators the feeling that they can do it, and a lot better than anyone else. Give them that feeling!

Karel Van Eerd (founder of Jumbo Supermarkets)

With this quote Karel van Eerd empowers his collaborators to take the freedom to make Jumbo’s service oriented strategy palpable for customers. Although they have great ideas to serve clients, they often do not (dare to) put them in practice. He experienced that collaborators need to be trustful that it is not only allowed but in fact highly encouraged to follow their client oriented ‘instinct’.
Karel van Eerd, founder of Jumbo, which is the fastest growing supermarket businesses in Europe, attributes his success to the company’s focus on customer oriented service delivery. He went all the way in his client oriented vision with ‘Jumbo’s seven service certitudes’.
Maarten Beernink and Rupert Parker Brady describe Karel van Eerd’s entrepreneurial path from vision to practice in their book:


Stéphanie 't Felt